• State of the art educational facility in Alexandria
  • Curriculum that creates an independent character
  • Extra-curricular activities offered by IBCA staff
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    Committed to providing an outstanding multilingual education
  • Variety of sports & cultural activities for students & parents
  • An inclusive school welcoming families of all nationalities into the learning community
  • Supporting the parent engagement in all school activities & future plans.
  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader
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IBCA offers parents many opportunities to get involved in school life. Ranging from fundraisers to community service programs or tree-planting initiatives, parents are welcome to the campus to help or further improve the school's learning environment. Involvement is important to help parents feel connected to the school, and it’s an excellent way to build a sense of community among parents, teachers and students.


Apart from being involved in school activities on campus, the parents' engagement in supporting their children's learning experiences at home has a very strong impact on their academic performance and on their personal/character development. International research shows that parents who are actively and consistently engaged in their children’s learning can add the equivalent of two to three years of formal education to that the students receive throughout their years at school.

Children supported by parents at home are usually better at school, they have better social skills, they are more disciplined and tend to make better life choices.

To be ‘engaged’ means to support and encourage learning beyond the classroom walls - at home, anywhere, anytime… Parents engaged in supporting their child are strong role models of learning and reflect their values of considering education as a top priority in the community. They demonstrate this by making time for learning at home and outdoors, while believing that there are no limits in the variety of ways a child could learn with. 

Every parent, regardless of culture, profession or experience, has something to offer his or her child, and communication is the key to support a child . As partners in the education process, parents can reinforce learning by discussing a variety of topics, asking clever questions, listening to the children, doing activities or reading together with them, and perhaps most importantly, encouraging them with lots of praise and guidance.

Parents can solely depend on school, but if they do so,  their children would miss out on thousands of hours of potential learning that could be going on elsewhere. This is especially true when you take in account the number evenings, weekends and holidays spent outside of class, which is equivalent to approximately 85 per cent of the students' active hours..


IBCA believes very passionately in helping all of our students to reach their full potential. We view the parents' role in supporting their children vital to their development, and we seek to give them the information, tools and resources to help their children become the best they can be.

IBCA International School in Alexandria (IBCA) is a Pre-K to Grade 12 international school
for young Egyptian & World citizens
A school where students benefit from an education beyond any single national curriculum.
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