• State of the art educational facility in Alexandria
  • Curriculum that creates an independent character
  • Extra-curricular activities offered by IBCA staff
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    Committed to providing an outstanding multilingual education
  • Variety of sports & cultural activities for students & parents
  • An inclusive school welcoming families of all nationalities into the learning community
  • Supporting the parent engagement in all school activities & future plans.
  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader
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The assessment fee must be paid to the accountant before a student is permitted to take the entrance examination.


Entrance fees consists of: 

Assessment: (Testing/Evaluation) Fees

Registration fees: for newly enrolled students only

Tuition Fee: The amount due for tuition must be paid before a student is assigned to a class.


The annual fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Extra-curricular activities offered by IBCA staff
  • Local community service activities

The annual fee does not include:

  • School uniform
  • Bus fees
  • Registration fees
  • Educational equipments/books/raw materials/etc.
  • Extra learning support
  • Summer or winter camps
  • Class lockers
  • Extra-curricular activities offered by external providers


Payment details:

School fees are to be paid one time or on four installments on the following dates:

- August 1st

- November 1st 

- February 1st

- May 1st 


Payment is acceptable in (Cash - Bank deposit- Bank transfer - Payable cheques - Credit & debit card, Visa & Master card)

IBCA International School in Alexandria (IBCA) is a Pre-K to Grade 12 international school
for young Egyptian & World citizens
A school where students benefit from an education beyond any single national curriculum.
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